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The Wooden Faces 'Flying the Wrong Way' Cassette

The Wooden Faces 'Flying the Wrong Way' Cassette


When someone makes a statement about analogue vs. digital recording it normally ends in tears. For The Wooden Faces however…it ended in an album.


Anth Mills, a 30 something producer and drummer for the band, stated that the sound of any old amp or oozing compressor could be easily recreated on his laptop. Having worked with Therapy, Jimmy Nail and many other great artists, fellow bandmates Dan Donnelly and Goulven Hamel had to at least consider his theory.


So began an argument about analogue versus digital recording…boy did they take it to the next level.


Flying The Wrong Way is the exploration of this argument. The album was recorded in two different ways at the same time. Each signal was split, one going through a reel of tape and one going through a computer. The computer part was easy! The tape control room on the other hand was a spaghetti mess of leads and crumpled pen and paper. Goulven had to fly from France and record all the guitar parts in 24 hours because…well…files couldn't be sent over the internet. The stairwell became the reverb chamber, which also later became the space for backing vocals and percussion due to the limited channels available to record on.


It was firmly established that modern digital recording is much, much easier. IN terms of end product? You'll have to decide for yourself.


Flying the wrong way is being released on both cassette and digital download. The cassette comes with digital download. Or alternatively you can just purchase the digital download separately.


The cassette is untouched by anything digital, having been recorded, mixed and mastered with only analogue gear. The digital download has been edited, mixed and mastered using cutting edge technology and produced as an mp3.


Please note: shipping of the cassette will begin when UK lockdown restrictions ease.

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