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“Why? You won’t make any money. It’s not like it used to be. There’s no money in it anymore. Music’s crap nowadays. You’re starting a record label? What a bloody stupid idea, music is dead.”


Music is dead.


We listened, we yawned. Everything’s dead, creativity is dead.


Fuck that.


From top to bottom, the value of creativity to our society has never been lower.


The sharing economy has come at a price, and the currencies we’re wasting is so much more valuable than money.


Our schools have been replaced with battery farms, where the only good eggs are the ones that photo-fit-in with a linear, increasingly narrow view on intelligence. It’s no surprise the heroes that are lauded as geniuses, from Einstein to Bowie, are not built from the system but in spite of it.


Universities (pedalling certificated creativity) are more interested in taking money out of the family coffers than inspiring young minds out of their traditional confines.


And we’re left with a world where all ages celebrate the banal and the average by giving it a smart filtered makeover so they can share it with the rest of the world as an original thought.


Imagination and ideas have been shrunk to the ability of the prescribed and pre-programmed, sadly a lot of people are buying it at the cost of coming up with something more slick but less original. Something that means more, to more people, for more time.


Fuck that.


We joined the resistance.


We started a record label.


We didn’t do it to save the world, or to ride to the rescue on some great white horse. That’s the folly of failure.


The world needs more… more originality, more craft and more people to celebrate creativity, not exploit it.


We need to address the fundamental values of creativity, and to do that not only do we need to keep talking and educating, we need to tip the conversation back towards creativity's favour.


We started a record label.


Not because we’re exclusively about music, but because we believe music has the power to be the strongest glue between different values, cultures, movements, mediums and people.


In its purest form music only has 12 notes.


That’s just 12 notes to get you from Beethoven to the Beastie Boys. The only differences are diversity of thought, original ideas and creative endeavour.  


Music can start a riot on the streets or in your heart, it can kick off a brand new day and kick start a lifetime of memories. It’s crying between your headphones at the back of the bus or celebrating life in your own kitchen.


Music can help change and form a culture where creativity is championed and rewarded.


Welcome to Kitchen Disco Records…


Where all creativity is celebrated, genres are diverse and collaboration is chosen over competition.


If the best parties are in the kitchen, then we can’t think of a better place for us to join the conversation, and maybe, with a little help from our friends, old and new, we could change the world, even if its one song at a time.


Is that so stupid?

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