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The Story of Ian Prowse CD

The Story of Ian Prowse CD


Heartache, Injustice and the maddening wonder of this life has been the driving force behind the story of Ian Prowse’s career as a musician, singer and song writer. If you could boil the last 30 years and eight official albums down to one word it would have to be… conviction.

The absence of a big hit single means Ian isn’t necesarrily in the hearts of the masses, but his songmanship has kept him firmly in the minds of songwriters like Elvis Costello, Christy Moore, Baz Warne (from the Stranglers), Miles Hunt (from The Wonder Stuff) and Damian Dempsey. Both Elvis Costello and Christy Moore sing duets with Ian on this album.

The people who have welcomed Ian Prowse into their own stories have become fierce devotees of his music. Whether it be from his first band Pele, Amsterdam or as himself. As Ian himself says “Pele, Amsterdam, me, it’s all the same thing, they’re all a vessel for my songs”.

“I hit the opening A minor chord of Funeral Pyre by The Jam at my very first gig in 1982, there began my musical journey, I've been hitting every chord through hundreds of shows with the same passion ever since.”

Here's some of his best recordings so far, it’s a story of one man’s music. And we’re sure he’s not done yet.


Pre-order now. Released 28 February 2020.

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