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Ian Prowse 'Here I Lie' Digital

Ian Prowse 'Here I Lie' Digital


Ian Prowse is a singer/songerwriter who wears his heart on his sleeve and writes straight from the cuff. ‘Here I Lie’ is a new album of songs that tackle life, love, loss, death and Liverpool. Ian says ‘We’ve spent the last couple of years taking my first two (re releleased) Pele albums all over Europe to celebrate their 25th anniversaries. We only wanted to make a new album if the songs not only stood shoulder to shoulder with our history but was better than we’d ever done before.’


Recording with the extended Amsterdam band and with guest spots from Nico and Robbo from Pele, this album more than acheives its goals. ‘The passing of time is a prevalent theme on this album, I’ve never gone away, I’ve just kept growing. These songs reflect the stages of my career, some of them wouldn’t sound out of place on a Pele Album, others definitely have a flavour of Amsterdam, the rest? Well that’s me moving forward, word by word, minute by minute.’ Tight words, beautiful arrangements and a celtic influence that is synonymous with the unique sound of Liverpool, this is a beautiful piece of work that will more than stand the test of time.

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