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Model Society exist in a time of anything but. Thankfully they know this. Initially forming around a shared love for bands such as Wire, Bloc Party, and Blur, the group found its identity through a common disdain for everything else. Their music highlights what many of us fail to see - the creeping consequences of government over-reach, burgeoning automated totalitarianism, the inevitable path to mass surveillance and ultimate repression of the individual. The name, Model Society, therefore serves as both an ironic joke and a desperate call to action.


Having recorded tracks with the likes of Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Placebo) and Fraser Smith (Shed Seven), they’ve also featured as BBC 6 Music’s Band Of The Week and even made an appearance on Steve Lamacq’s Roundtable! With additional radio backing coming from BBC 6 Music’s Chris Hawkins, BBC Introducing’s Gary Crowley and Radio X’s John Kennedy.


The band also has a successful list of live shows under their belt including festival appearances at Bestival, The Great Escape, Guilfest and a main stage performance at Northbound. And with word continuing to spread as well as a new partnership with the exciting Independent London label, Kitchen Disco Records, who knows what the future will bring. One thing remains true however, Model Society are a welcome voice of protest in a world otherwise dominated by pathetic placidity.



Model Society’s new single Are You For Real? stands as a critique of everything that surrounds it. Questioning all parts of our spectacle-saturated society; a media landscape built on disinformation and propaganda, a culture constructed of mere representation – is modern life all it’s cracked up to be? Or have we just become passive consumers of manufactured wants and needs? Obsessed with creating a self-image rather than being ourselves! 

Are You For Real? asks the questions already knowing the answer…SCREW YOU! The song’s instrumentation is equally abrasive. Thick shoegaze guitars weave around heavy drum scatters while soft keys patter and build up to a thrilling climax. 

The first single from Model Society’s brand new EP – Entertainment, it’s the wake-up call you’ve been looking for!

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