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Sailed Away

Sailed Away


It’s the screams from the suburbs and the terror of the streets, it's why the landing light goes on when the sun goes down. Yeah life can be tough, so the fuck what? The Adrenaline Animals attack it with the ferocity of a sex-starved, coked-up pitbull with 5 songs that go for the juggular and doesn’t let up.


Rock? This is ‘Ruck n Roll’ as it should be, aggressive, loud and living life by it’s own rules. Lyrics sharp enough to be accused of knife crimes, guitars that explode like 6 string grenades in an amp factory and a beat that can leave you bruised, battered and wanting more.


You can force Oasis to neck 10 cans of Red Bull and watch ‘em get stuck into the Arctic Monkeys down yer local Tescos but you still wouldn’t capture the guttural delight that this three man riot bring to your front door.

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